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The proposed project is near Jalan Setia 4/6, Taman Setia Indah. This location is within easy reach of the existing road network. The surrounding area is surrounded by shop lots and close to the site of an undeveloped residential lot which is easy to see from the main street and within easy reach of the locals. The proposed site is also adjacent to the Austin Development Park, Dato ‘Onn Park which is also being developed and residents around the Park especially at Nibong Road and Jalan Enau where they will also benefit from the development. Nearby museums include Surau Nurul Falah Taman Setia Indah about 800m away, Masjid Taman Daya around 4 KM, while the site of Taman Dato ‘Onn mosque is around 1.5 KM.



An-Nabawi Mosque is the second most sacred mosque to the Muslims who constantly remind us of the Prophet’s Messenger Rasulullah S.A.W(may peace be upon him). The dome elements, canopy umbrellas and towers are among the elements that are adapted to achieve the equivalent of An-Nabawi Mosque. By adopting such a design, it is intended to remembered to the Messenger of Allah and to look forward to his blessing.


As was the function of the mosque in Islamic times, the mosque was used to achieve the same purpose as the hub for the daily activities of Muslims in the surrounding residential area. The mosque will have two levels of main floor to maximizing the use of the space. The main prayer room is located on the ground floor while the first floor occupies additional prayer room for the Friday Prayer and Administrative Office. At certain events held by women prayer, the prayer room on the First Floor may be reserved for women prayer.

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