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Pontian is one of the districts in the State of Johor that makes the tourism sector as one the main thrust to increase economic activities other than agriculture and industry. Therefore, in line with the core of this development, public recreational facilities become the focus for upgraded and created a new landmark to Pontian City. This conceptual design proposal involving the First Phase of the concept planning on the Pontian coastline from the Crown Square towards the Pontian Causeway leading to the concept design of food court buildings as well as pedestrian and bicycle bridges will be an important element in connecting public access from across the Crown Square towards Pontian Causeway.



• Provide ideas for an overview of the concept of the overall development Master Plan in phases. • Prepared the Bridge Concept Plan and redevelopment of existing food stalls (14 stalls eat & 9 other shops) to Medan Selera themed on the banks of the Pontian River which will be connected to the embankment development area in phases. • Family leisure concept food court and theme restaurant with continuous leisure activities pedestrian and cycling bridges. • Provide commercial -sized stalls and conducive dining space by utilizing natural coastal scenery available. • The Food Court Building is integrated with a multi -purpose stage for the use of certain official functions at the square that houses the restaurant space for VIP banquets and at other times constitutes part of a public recreation space.

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Planing Design Concept
Context Plan And Analysis
Concept Design Of Bridge
Bridge Concept Design Plan
Overall Plan
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Typical Food Court Shop Floor Plan
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